Our New City of Orlando Flag

Published on July 24, 2017

City of Orlando Flag

Just like national flags bring entire countries together, City flags are a source of civic pride that help to unify residents and make people feel more connected to their city.

On July 24, City Council approved a new flag design for the City of Orlando.

I love the new flag but more importantly I loved the community process used to create this flag. We had more than 1,100 submissions, of which 950 of those came from Florida.

More than 23,000 individuals connected with us on social media and more than 156,000 individuals visited our website to learn, vote and comment. Plus our flag tour was a huge success, and visited six different community centers in every district plus Lake Eola Park and city hall. We even had a volunteer committee lead the contest.

The flag was designed by Tim Eggert, a UCF alum. Tim designed the new flag with thoughtful symbolic imagery regarding our city’s rich culture and bright future.

• The design features the Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain at Lake Eola Park, one of the most distinctive and recognizable symbols in our City.

• The six equal segments on the base of the fountain embody the city's six commission districts.

• The iconic fountain is surrounded by the letter "O," which symbolizes Orlando's unity, connectivity and timelessness.

• The color yellow represents the sunshine, hope and happiness that thrive in our great city.

• The reflection of the "O" in the water symbolizes our careful consideration of our past and our bold vision for the future.

• The flag is set on a two-toned background of blue and white representing patriotism, perseverance and peace.

Thank you for the important part you’ve played in creating our new flag together. - Buddy Dyer, Mayor