Residential Fence Permit

Fixing or putting up a new fence in your home?

You need a Fence Permit. Extreme weather conditions, water safety, and boundary disputes are all reasons why the City and State require this permit.


Keep in Mind 

  • Don't start work without an approved permit; not complying can lead to daily code enforcement citations.
  • Ensure the work description includes the height, fence type, and number of gates following Municipal code requirements.
  • After submitting digital plans, remember to complete your task by selecting the task in the Workflow Portals tab. Otherwise, our staff won't know you are done.
  • Don’t let your permit expire because this can cause issues when selling your home. Ensure you receive an approved final inspection by scheduling your final inspection and tracking the outcome on our City website
  • Visit our Fence Permit Guide to learn more.

Online with Digital Plans

Decide if you are going to use a contractor

If you are using a contractor, check with them to see if they are applying for the correct permits on your behalf.


Understand where and how you can build your fence by visiting our Fence Permit GuideCreate your site plan by highlighting the area for the placement of the fence, marking the height and length, gates, and setbacks on a copy of a survey of your property.

Apply for a permit

Scan your plan

If you created your plan on paper, scan it and rename the file to "C-1" and make sure it's a PDF or a TIFF file. If you have more than one page or a complex plan, download our Digital Plans Guide for information on file naming and upload.

Upload your digital plan

You will receive an email from with a temporary password to login to ProjectDox Digital Plan Review. Upload your site plans and then select the Upload task; check mark you have completed upload and Submit. This is how we know to begin reviewing your plans.

Visit the Permitting Services Office

If you are not using a contractor, you will need to meet with a permit tech to complete the state required "Owner Builder Declaration". Bring your ID (for our notary) and a copy of your application confirmation email to the receiptionist who will help you complete the required paperwork.

Make any changes

You will receive an email if any changes to your plan are necessary.

Pay application fees

You can pay your application fees online, in-person at Permitting Services or through our automated phone system by calling 407-246-4444.

Download your permit and approved plans

Once our review is complete, an email will be sent to you or your contractor inviting you to download your approved plans and permit, which you will need to print and keep on site for our inspector to access.

Build your fence

Schedule an inspection

All fences must be inspected prior to being finalized. Schedule your inspection online or using our automated phone system by calling 407-246-4444. 

Schedule an Inspection

Check the status of your inspection

Once you have an approved final inspection, you are done.